Flexible Dieting Made Easy with Avatar Nutrition and Balanced Body

What is Avatar?

Avatar Nutrition uses a system built by Dr. Layne Norton, backed by science, and proven to show results after countless success stories. This system is based around the concept of flexible dieting – eating according to your unique macronutrient requirements rather than relying on wishful thinking and lists of “good” and “bad” food.

How Does it Work?

The Avatar system will generate your specific numbers for grams of protein, fat, and carbs that you will consume every day. As long as you remain compliant to these numbers, you will continue to see your body changing and becoming closer to the finished product you have envisioned. As your body changes, so too will the numbers that are sent to you daily. This is because your body’s needs are ever evolving and what may have been optimal numbers when you first started will no longer fit your current macronutrient requirements. To ensure results that stay consistent as your body changes and adapts, the Avatar system adapts to you and adjusts automatically.

Our Avatar Partnership

Having worked with hundreds of clients one-on-one with nutritional consulting, Justin Draper, saw the need to also offer other alternatives to intense coach-client system. With Avatar we can offer clients a program to maintain their progress but through a more “distance” method – working with the computer rather than a coach. We’re also offering a combination package; Avatar/Distance Coaching with once a week check in’s along with a nutritional coach to discuss the progress and questions through Avatar.

Ready to Get Started?

The time for guesswork is over. Avatar’s system will determine exactly what you need to be successful in your health and body sculpting goals – guiding you every step of the journey. Your transformation starts today.

Member Benefits

Flexible Dieting Plans

Using all of the tools Avatar Nutrition provides, build the body you want and create a way of eating you can stick to for life.

Real Time Tracking

See your body changing right before your eyes. Our tracking features provide a clear window to view your true results.

Expert Training Videos

Learn from the best on how to be your best. The experts at Avatar Nutrition break down everything you need to know to succeed.

Revolutionary Macros Formulas

Created by leading researchers in the field of nutrition, Avatar’s formulas pinpoint your exact needs and adapt with your ever changing body.

Goal Oriented Focus

Using all of the tools Avatar Nutrition provides, build the body you want and create a way of eating you can stick to for life.

In-Depth Nutrition & Fitness Articles

Learn tools, tips, and strategies on how to make the most of flexible dieting from the top minds in the fields of health and nutrition.

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