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Shipping and Delivery

We understand being busy, that’s why Balanced Body offers delivery and shipping options to fit your hectic lifestyle. Discover your balance with the convenience of not having to leave your home.
When are orders due to qualify for delivery or shipping?
  • Sunday delivery or shipping:
    Orders are due the Wednesday prior by 11:59pm.
  • Wednesday delivery or shipping:
    Orders are due the Saturday prior by 11:59pm.
How far do you deliver?

We delivery within a 20-mile radius of our pickup site—Jada Blitz Training. Beyond our Williamsville location, we will ship directly to your doorstep.

What is the delivery fee and is there a minimum meal order?

There is a small $10.00 delivery fee associated with each doorstep drop. There is no minimum meal order tied to that fee.

Who is shipping eligible?

We are currently delivering to the Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse regions. However, simply plug in your zip code at the checkout screen to see if you are eligible for shipping

When will shipped meals be delivered?

Once your meals are shipped, you will receive UPS tracking information via email.

How are shipping costs determined?

Once you add all meals to your shopping cart for the week, we will automatically calculate the total weight and price based on location.

How fresh are the meals once delivered?

Our production days are Tuesdays and Saturdays with truck deliveries on Wednesdays and Sundays. All meals will last from the time they are produced plus six days stored in the refrigerator. All of our meal labels have a “best by” date for reference as well.

How are meals kept cold once delivered?

All orders are thoroughly insulated and packaged with cold packs, which keeps them stable and temperature-safe, in case they need to be left on your front step for a few hours.

What are the expected delivery times on Sundays and Wednesdays?

9am – 4pm. We will text you if you are not home and let you know that your meals are waiting on your doorstep.

Do you have other delivery or shipping questions? Send us an email to inquire more! We’re here to help make your life easier, one meal at a time.

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