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FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

What is Balanced Body?

Balanced Body by Jada Blitz is a meal preparation company catering to the needs of people who want to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle with convenience. Balanced Body will serve
delicious, balanced and nutritionally dense prepared meals.

What is Balanced Body’s Mission?

Balanced Body makes nutrient-rich, balanced, deliciously crafted meals conveniently accessible to those seeking to live a sustainably healthy lifestyle. Food is the introduction to a healthy lifestyle. At Balanced Body,it is our mission to spread health and wellness so you can live a healthier life while simultaneously achieve your goals. We make it easy for you to eat healthy as nutrition, health, and wellness is our passion. Balanced Body provides delicious, affordable, and nutritionally balanced meals to fit into your busy lifestyle. Our flexible approach with a creative touch in the kitchen will not lead you down the road of boredom.

Where are the meals prepared?

Meals are prepared at a leading local fresh food manufacturer in WNY. They are the premier fresh foods source in WNY preparing daily top quality, hand made, packaged food items. Located in Orchard Park, NY.

What kind of meals are served?

Balanced Body will serve breakfast options, lunch/dinner options, bakery items, and snacks. All meals are nutritionally balanced and carefully crafted to ensure high quality without sacrificing taste.

Do the meals have the nutritional information clearly labeled?

Yes, all meals will have nutritional labels with accurate information. All meals are portioned and weighed out to the gram.

Are there portion options?

Yes, regular and large portions. Calories and macro’s for each dish is listed in the meal plan menu options.

Is the pricing different for portion sizes?

Yes, based on serving sizes the meals options are priced differently.

Is there a minimum number of meals that need to be purchased per week?

Yes, 10 meals is the minimum. However, there will be individual meals for sale at the Jada Blitz Training location.

Can the meals be customized?

Your weekly meal selection can be customized from the menu. Certain meals will have upcharges based on market price of meats.

Do I have to have to order the same meals each week?

Absolutely not. There will be staple meals on the menus week to week, but we will pride ourselves in offering a weekly variety for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I currently purchase nutrition with Justin, do I receive a discount or is this included?

A discount will be applied to your nutritional counseling if prepared meals are subscribed to.

Do I need to purchase any additional ingredients or food items if I were to purchase a week’s worth of meals?

This is dependent on the individual. The amount of meals purchased is up to the buyer and snacks can be added in as well.

How many meals a day do you recommend I purchase?

The recommendation is at least 3 meals per day and two snacks.

How long do the meals stay fresh?

All meals are labeled with best by dates.  Production +6 days.

Can the meals be delivered to my home or do I have to pick them up?

At this time, delivery is unavailable. However, we are working on a delivery service in the near future. Meals can be picked up at Jada Blitz Training on Transit Road in Amherst. There will be 2 pick-up dates available, Sunday 9am – 4pm and Wednesday 9am – 7pm.

Are the allergens and ingredients clearly labeled?

Yes, allergens and ingredients will be clearly labeled on the weekly menus.

What are the snack options that are available?

Snacks will vary from Quest Bars, Combat Crunch Bars, Oh Yeah Bars, Pro-Tings, Bakery Items, etc.

Can I pay with cash for my meals or do I have to pay with credit card?

Meals can be purchased online and in person via credit card and in-person via cash and credit card.

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