If you are a Buffalo native, you already know all there is to know about this awesome city: Duff’s Wing, loganberry, the smell of fresh Cheerios, and a die-hard fandemonium for our sport teams. At the heart of downtown you will find an array of businesses supported by a proud and loyal community. Among the many unique buildings graced by nostalgic architecture and a long history, you will find Buffalo’s Old First Ward, home to the locally owned and operated organic fair-trade tea company, Snowy Owl Kombucha.

Both Balanced Body Foods and Snowy Owl Kombucha have been honored and awarded for their healthy and delicious offerings by Buffalo Spree Magazine’s “The Best of WNY” competition. Their achievements and dedication to providing the region with healthier options has laid the perfect foundation for a team up between these two small, locally owned businesses.

If you are a newbie to kombucha and all the abracadabra it packs, allow me to enlighten your mind and spirit by sharing some of the coolest details on this vivacious beverage. Balanced Body is so excited and proud to have Snowy Owl Kombucha on board to provide you with deliciously handcrafted and organic drink options.

To make things simple, kombucha is fermented tea made of four ingredients: black and green tea, sugar (not to worry, sugar is primarily used to support the probiotics and not our taste buds—with most of the sugar content disappearing during fermentation), water, and a groovy little guy called the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). Sounds kinda nasty, right? The SCOBY is nothing to be afraid of, though. It’s just the living home for the bacteria and yeast that turns the green and black teas into zippy, fizzy, bubbly kombucha. The SCOBY is also commonly referenced to as “the Mother.”

The four ingredients used to make the bucha sit for nearly two weeks. During this time, the process of fermentation transforms this lovely beverage into its final state.

First, it’s important to understand kombucha is a food, not a medicine. Full of enzymes and bacterial acids, kombucha is known for supporting the body’s natural detoxification. According to various scientific studies, glucaric acid (a product found in the fermented tea and also in fruits and veggies) binds to toxins to help expel them from the body. GA also has the ability to boost the efficiency of the liver’s detoxifying tracts.

What’s more, the combination of probiotics, healthy acids, and enzymes found in kombucha promote optimal digestion and good gut bacteria—YES YES YES for internal balance! In my research, I also learned about the human body’s incredible ability to lug around anywhere from three to five pounds of beneficial bacteria and microbes. This is called the “microbiome,” and it is at risk every day of being depleted through stress, alcohol, antibiotics, and other harmful organisms. Healthy gut bacteria is important in stimulating the immune system and strengthening our natural defenses against illnesses.

The last little punch kombucha brings is its rich replenishment of B vitamins—specifically B1, B6, and B12. These little B-uggers help the body metabolize sugar; promote healthy nerve, muscle, and heart function; boost cognitive function and concentration; and help regulate our moods and hormones (specifically those related to our happiness and coping with stress).

SOUNDS MAGICAL DOESN’T IT? And that’s because it is!

Interested in trying out kombucha for yourself? Stop by Balanced Body Foods’ Hertel location today to learn why we proudly support Snowy Owl Kombucha and try a growler from the tap.