I am an employee at M&T Bank downtown, and have been very impressed with Balanced Body Foods. First, the company has partnered with the bank providing deliveries on a weekly basis to several key buildings where employees can pick up their weekly order before heading home from work for the day.

The deliveries are always on time, perfectly packaged, and a receipt is given to the employee with what was ordered.

Secondly, I began utilizing the service in early January and since that time I have enjoyed the variety of lunch/dinner meal options provided. The menu changes every week or two giving the consumer enough variety to try and enjoy. I was worried when I first joined that I would feel hungry after eating dinner, and thus defeat the purpose of the program, by eating late and probably not as healthy. The opposite has been true for me. I have not felt hungry and look forward to each dinner.

Third, I was able to lose 20 lbs. since starting the process at a slow and consistent rate, where now I feel I have reached my approximate desired weight. Adding an exercise regimen to the diet change has transformed how I look, and most importantly how I feel.

Finally, in addition to being happy with the delivery service, quality of food, and menu choices, I have received direct emails back from ownership when I had a question which is the final “ingredient” for me to have a good experience with a company. That personal touch is why I share this testimonial with you today, and hope you too will try Balanced Body Foods!