As a nutrition coach and personal trainer, I can’t stress enough how important it is to know where a client’s body is at. This doesn’t just mean their physical, aesthetic state, I am talking about the internal, musculoskeletal-fat composition of their body. Having a broader understanding and visual of their body’s anatomy allows me to analyze and provide more customized programming to better serve their overall health and long-term goal successes.

Our team at Balanced Body Foods has dedicated time and focus into the development of a nutrition program for our community that provides the client with full transparency of their current body composition; making their personal progress and achievements toward their desired results clear-cut. The InBody 570 goes beyond traditional body composition analysis (“BCA”) by accurately measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. If you are investing in your health and quality of life, this should easily become one of the most important forty-five seconds of your nutrition program.

All the guts and the glory, the InBody 570 utilizes the science of impedance…a fancy term for the opposition to the flow of an electric current through body tissue. This provides accurate, non-estimated, body composition results without statistical data that would otherwise be necessary to predict body composition. This means the state of your body drives your results; not your sex, age, or height.

Our goal was to bring the most tangible, efficient and serviceable technology to our program clients in a quick period of time without tapping into their busy day-to-day schedules.

The 570 provides information regarding the three main categories below (and more):

  1. 1. BODY FAT: measures body fat in pounds, measures visceral fat (aka fat around the organs), measures body fat percentage, provides fat amounts in the arms/legs/trunk;
  2. 2. MUSCLE MASS: measures total muscle mass in pounds, provides full muscularity analysis of the arms/legs/trunk to determine imbalances and strengths;
  3. 3. INTERNAL INFLAMMATION: measures extracellular water to total body water to derive inflammation caused by possible food allergies, sugar imbalances, and fat imbalances.

As the Balanced Habits nutrition coach, knowing where a client is at within each of these areas is extremely important to understanding how their current health and wellness routines/habits/choices are going. These results allow me to provide a truly individualized approach, giving me absolute confidence in the client’s program design.