After the holiday season, sometime in January 2017 I ‘noticed’ my waistline and my pant size had inexplicably expanded to a point that gave me pause. I am 5’11” and had been 185-190 lbs most of my adult life, moderately to very active, and could eat whatever I wanted with virtually no weight gain. Clearly this changed for me as I hit 50 years old – the ‘transformation’ upward was gradual and over a period of 3-4 years…

I had to buy bigger pants! My 36’s no longer fit – I had to buy 38 waist and I was mortified. I weighed 207 lbs!!! Work life had gotten in the way of good eating habits – so it was time to act and change things. 38’s were unacceptable. My wife, as a member of Jada Blitz, suggested we try Balanced Body Foods coupled with close monitoring of calorie intake to attain gradual weight loss.

We started our Balanced Body food intake on Feb. the 1st – my goal was to lose 22 lbs by May when we were going to vacation in Florida for a few days…fast forward to May…I went from 207 lbs to 185 lbs…and back to 34 waist (they were loose!) that I hadn’t had in many years. So I am now 183 lbs and basically at the weight I was in college. During this time also, I have walked about 3 miles per day/walking my dogs to supplement my better eating habits, and used a daily calorie target of about 1700 calories.

I am very pleased with the results – the food is delicious, the convenience is great as I am very busy with my job, and we have begun mixing in our own healthy food choices. Really this was much more than a plan to lose some weight – it became an education on how to eat well – no more sugary foods, no more processed flour products, more protein, and a lot less of the thing I really love – beer!

So via this experience I know what I should and should not eat, I know approx.. what my weekly calorie intake should be to either maintain or even lose weight if I wish – I think the weight I am at is good.

Thank you for making this great line of food products available – I have been telling friends and family about my experience which has been nothing less than positive.