There has never been anything more perplexing to me than trying to figure out the proper supplementation stack that not only compliments my body and goals but also doesn’t cost me a fortune for a list of ingredients I can hardly pronounce. Product label intimidation should never be experienced when choosing a supplement. Trust me, when you can barely read what you are going to be putting into your body or you have such a lack of understanding that it requires an extensive amount internet research, it’s time to reevaluate what you are willing to ingest and invest and start thinking more about what stands behind the actual product brand.

In July 2017, our team joined forces with CORE Nutritionals, a brand founded on high-quality, scientifically backed ingredients and research. CORE Nutritionals was founded by drug-free pro bodybuilder Doug Miller and his wife, drug-free figure competitor Stephanie Miller. This duo wanted to bring something different to the forefront of the health and fitness industry, and with CORE they have done exactly that.

So, we keep getting asked: Why CORE? What made this product line appeal to us over other reputable and acclaimed brands? First, every product is packed with high-quality ingredients that are non-proprietary blends (aka when a company only provides trace elements of advertised ingredients) and contain no fillers. Each product is developed through research and testing, with an assurance that the consumer is receiving 100% of the ingredients and product they are purchasing. We hold a true level of confidence in the entire CORE line. “We wanted to provide our members and clients with supplementation that is going to help them achieve results in a healthy, sustainable manner,” says Justin Draper. “Every product we sell, we sell knowing it will compliment the time, dedication, work, and discipline it takes to attain personal goals.” So here’s our “why”: It’s simple—when a brand’s values and ethics line up with your own, it makes supporting and standing behind them practically second nature. CORE Nutritionals and our team here at Jada Blitz see eye to eye on the importance of keeping a high level of integrity within the fitness industry. It’s not about the sale—it’s about the consumer.

We know exactly why we chose CORE. The actual question is why haven’t you?

Having tried nearly every product myself, I can attest that Doug and Stephanie Miller have created supplements that make me feel at my best, both performance and non-performance related. I have yet to test out a product and return with negative feedback. This has given me such a level of confidence and certainty in CORE Nutritionals that I can discuss different products with clients and members and know it is going to benefit them in more than one way. This is something extremely unique that I have found with CORE.

Please join us on September 23, 2017, to welcome CORE Nutritionals’ national sales director, Patrick Mabe, to the Blitz. We are excited to be offering an in-person seminar with Pat during our Three-Year Anniversary Open House at 10:00 am. Mark your calendars—you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear from Meaty Thighs himself!