A night of heavy food and heavy drinking can take a real toll on your body come the next morning. But we all know that New Years Eve is the night to be out on the town and “live a little,” right? So how can you do it right? There are many ways to answer that.

  1. Eat right. Start out with the food you put in your body throughout New Year’s Eve day (or any heavy drinking day). Choose healthy options at the party, such as shrimp cocktail, deviled eggs or chicken skewers. Always go for something with protein, because this will not only fill you up faster but will sustain you longer as well. These options also tend to be lighter in calories. If you don’t think your host will have any healthier options, make your passing dish the lighter, protein-rich one!
  2. Drink, drink, drink! The more hydrated your body is, the less dehydrated you’ll be later in the night after a few glasses of wine, bottles of beer or shots of tequila. After your night out, try drinking an 8-ounce glass of coconut water before bed. This life-saving water is high in electrolytes and potassium which help to rehydrate your body and will help reduce your hangover the next morning.
  3. Get a solid workout in. Working out not only physically makes you feel better, but it revs up your metabolism, helping you to burn off those extra drinks and food calories consumed later. And, the chances that you’ll make it to the gym the next day, recovery day, slims down.
  4. Sleep well the night before. Maximize your sleeping power the nights leading up to a big night out so you’re energized for a good time and don’t crash before you hit the bar or party. If you even need to take a nap before partying, do it. Going out tired and cranky isn’t good for your body (or your date or friends).